We provide mass communication and advertising services to wholesalers seeking to promote their products and services on a large scale, seeking the attention of both local and international markets.

We conduct extensive market research to determine which advertising media work best for you and which industries will respond best to the products.

  1. Media Relations
  2. Special event
  3. Consulting
  4. Strategic Planning
  5. Local and International Communications
  6. Social Media and Content Strategies
Social Media
  1. Brand management
  2. Social Media Advertising
  3. Social Media Strategy
  4. Social Media Consulting
  5. Target Market Research
  6. Social Media buying
  7. Community Engagement
Public Relations
  1. Prospective clients
  2. Referral sources
  3. Consulting
  4. Media Relations
  5. Contacts
  6. Community outreach
  7. Local and International Communications
  8. Special event
  9. Crisis Management
  10. Online and Social Media Audiences
  1. Positioning
  2. Name creation
  3. Target Audience Definition
  4. Brand Strategy
  5. Research
  6. Strategic Planning
  7. Logo and Content guides
  8. Brand Awareness
  1. Interactive ROI and TCO experiences
  2. Sales Collateral
  3. Lead generation, pre-qualification, & approval
  4. Customer Success
  5. Sales Marketing tailor strategy
  6. Sales Consulting
  7. Sales Leadership
  8. Upsell and cross-sell programs
  9. Inbound & outbound acquisition and sales
Special Events

The key to effective event planning:

  1. Define goals and objectives
  2. Set the budget for your event (Don’t leave out any details that can represent a cost)
  3. Select the event venue
  4. Know your audience
  5. Know your products and services well
  6. Select and event date
  7. Promote your event across all platforms
  8. Post event follow up content

Advice and event planning.

Our expert event planners will bring to the table innovative ideas, the latest trends and the best deals so you can organize an amazing and affordable event.